Monkey habit

I am not sure how to say this in English, German or Swedish, but in Turkish we say something like “maymun istahli”, meaning “monkey habit” (I am waiting for a better translation by a native Turkish speaker). My parents used to describe me as someone with that attribute, due to my habit to change my interests and preferences quite often. So for instance did I spent my parents money for a complete Kickboxing equipment and quit after few injuries and the got the insight that I cannot become Bruce Lee or any other movie fighter (I did mention this before? Didn’t I?). Muhammad Ali was another person I tried to become regarding boxing, but also here I had to reconcile my athletic dream to become him. Luckily I managed to do some Teakwondo for quite some years, but parallel with soccer, which seemed – at least for me – to be a profitable combination. I was a starter in the soccer team but mostly only for the first half or even less, due to my bad condition (Kondition?). I was often told to focus on some of the best players and (it might be the mixture between Teakwondo and soccer) strangely they also did not “survive” the next half. A similar “luck” followed me in my Teakwondo “carrier”, due to my flyweight I had often smaller and slightly more corpulent opponents, which was good for my “hit and run” approach. I don’t know why I started writing this, but it might be that I am forced to use my PocketPC, which I bought a year ago and have almost forgotten to use. Now, when my wife is occupying our laptop at home, I am forced to use it, which might prove that sometimes it is not as bad to be a “maymum istahli”.


2 Responses to “Monkey habit”

  1. 1 ayse February 24, 2010 at 9:56 am

    nice post, i can totally relate coz im a fellow maymum istahli insan :P, i know the blog post VERY old now but i felt the need to reply, i was actually curious myself as to what maymum istahli would best be translated as into english and, as turkish is such a spontaneous and superb language i came across a few meanings:

    – fickle: someone who changes lovers often
    – whimsy/whimsical
    – desultorious: you and I (changing of preferences so often)
    – inconstant: (again, you and I)
    – temperamental
    and some more, that i don’t particularly agree with 🙂

  2. 2 ferramis March 2, 2010 at 9:09 am

    Thanks for your comment!

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