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Jealousy: Fathers vs. Sons

Lots to write about, but too busy these days. Try to content with the following nice video:

Going EAST(-Germany) and IKEA

Flying to Berlin and visiting parents-in-law in the former-GDR. Sitting at the airport and using the time to complain to IKEA:


Around one month ago I came to IKEA to ask for a small piece for the following item:
The hinge in between the two plates got broken few month after I bought the table and when complaining to IKEA they told me that they will send it to me. One week later after not having received anything, I went a second time to IKEA and asked them; they nicely apologized and said that it might be on its way but they will place another order so that I get even twice two of these hinges. Now, after one month I haven’t gotten anything nor have I heard from them. I wonder if it is cheaper to buy a new table, throw the old one away and never believe the nice smiling stuff at IKEA again? Which option should I consider? I would appreciate any hint, because I am getting tired of waiting. I haven’t eating nicely since one month, because a half table has not enough space for a big meal. And I suppose that a person with full stomach is happier and wants to spend his money more likely at IKEA. Instead I am hungry and angry. Thanks in advance.

Angry student

The end of a legend

I complained a lot lately, be it about rental car services, or people not keeping their word, meaning lying, being dishonest or just not knowing the meaning of time. Recently something unspeakable has happened. As mentioned before baby and his mommy has left for the formal communist part of Germany and to make their life not miserable we ordered broadband Internet for her parents house, to connect at least their house to the outer world. The city, where they live, has some 3000 inhabitants and one telephone box (one of the places I used to visit a lot when I were visiting them) and usually not much happens. I often picture the villagers speaking about the foreign car visiting their city and the strange guy spending his money in the only telephone box they have; thanks to me they have something to speak about for weeks, I suppose.

Anyhow, what I wanted to write was; we ordered Internet at they promised to deliver everything within 2 weeks. So, I booked a flight for my self for a day which lays 2 weeks and few day away in the future in order to buy a laptop and prepare everything for my parents-in-law so that they can observe what we are doing much better than via phone. And no the German company starts mentioning that they have problems keeping their time schedule. What?? Wait, I am not in Italy, or Turkey anymore, where people have actually something to eat or live for instead of keeping times or living like a clock. I expected everything but not that. No I had to explain to them that I am coming from Sweden, renting a car and visiting my parents-in-law to just fix their Internet connection and that I assumed that they were grown ups and wouldn’t promise what they can’t keep. So, if I don’t here from them tomorrow what I want to hear, I will go crazy, because than there is nothing else what is unchangeable. If even Germany and its industry gets neglectful, then … ? Yeah, what then?

“Re-sleep” is more efficient

Someone once told me that “re-sleeping”, the joy to sleep again after being woken up by the crying noise of a baby, makes addicted. I couldn’t really share this joy so far, until recently. Little son and his mommy have left for East-Germany, and daddy, who now can work as much as his body can tolerate, is left alone at home. After having worked through the night I suspected that 4 hours sleep without disruption, might be quite nice. However, to my disappointment I woke up after 6 hours of continuous sleep. It was one of my worse sleeps since a long time and I somehow missed the sudden intermittent discontinuities in my sleep, which make the sleeping process in itself quite enjoyable. I guess, some experiences have to be lived before being able to understand them. In short: “re-sleep” seems to be an efficient way to reduce the total amount of time needed.

Busy day

Rented a car for 9 am. Father and son went to IKEA, Babyland, LIDL, Kista Gallerian, and were together and on wheels until 7 pm. That’s a record! Mother was surprised how silent he was when he came home and how nice and fast he drunk and ate. I didn’t tell her, that I forgot to give him something else to eat then cookies. But maybe he just has to learn it the hard way. If he gets each few hours something to eat he messes around with the food, but when not feeding him for some hours he gets weak and silent and eats nicely and sleeps afterwards.


My father just returned from a short stay in Turkey and provided me with some pictures from family members, which I haven’t seen yet before. I even didn’t know there were existing. So since then I feel like going there again. I wasn’t there since 4 years and then I only had time to visit only relatives and did not see so much from Turkey either. Anyhow, the strange thing is that there is actually not much to see, except family members in the villages, where I have relatives. There will be no WLAN, but down there they have other problems than being Online I suppose. Here are some “fascinating” impressions of our village. Everything built before the 18th century looks really nice, but what comes after that doesn’t look stable nor worth visiting.


I also have only short memories from my childhood there (holidays for Turkish immigrants in Germany were nothing else then 4-5 weeks in an Anatolian village without TV, Internet, sometimes electricity and warm water; and despite all that it was always nice). The games we played were also quite extraordinary, so for instance did we run behind cars, which sprayed poison for insects in the morning hours. The one who could run for the longest time behind the spraying car was the hero of the day, also he didn’t feel so well the following days, but try explaining to a child that a poison spraying car is dangerous; lots of smoke, that’s fun for children. Nighttime hide and seek games between junkyards or high-voltage power-poles were the highlight of some of our days. And most of us did well, I can’t remember any side effects. Anyway, after seeing the pictures I have a strong desire to go there very soon, be it just for few days to remember my childhood time and to refresh my memory about relatives.

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