My father just returned from a short stay in Turkey and provided me with some pictures from family members, which I haven’t seen yet before. I even didn’t know there were existing. So since then I feel like going there again. I wasn’t there since 4 years and then I only had time to visit only relatives and did not see so much from Turkey either. Anyhow, the strange thing is that there is actually not much to see, except family members in the villages, where I have relatives. There will be no WLAN, but down there they have other problems than being Online I suppose. Here are some “fascinating” impressions of our village. Everything built before the 18th century looks really nice, but what comes after that doesn’t look stable nor worth visiting.


I also have only short memories from my childhood there (holidays for Turkish immigrants in Germany were nothing else then 4-5 weeks in an Anatolian village without TV, Internet, sometimes electricity and warm water; and despite all that it was always nice). The games we played were also quite extraordinary, so for instance did we run behind cars, which sprayed poison for insects in the morning hours. The one who could run for the longest time behind the spraying car was the hero of the day, also he didn’t feel so well the following days, but try explaining to a child that a poison spraying car is dangerous; lots of smoke, that’s fun for children. Nighttime hide and seek games between junkyards or high-voltage power-poles were the highlight of some of our days. And most of us did well, I can’t remember any side effects. Anyway, after seeing the pictures I have a strong desire to go there very soon, be it just for few days to remember my childhood time and to refresh my memory about relatives.


1 Response to ““Homesick””

  1. 1 Ayse August 11, 2008 at 9:40 am

    und, warst du schon?
    ich hab auch diese sehnsucht verspürt, kam dann an und hab gesehen, dass alles viel winziger ist, als ich es in erinnerung hatte. die zimmer, in denen wir zu was weiß ich wieviel zehnt die verrücktesten Spiele spielten, waren plötzlich so klein und ich habe mich gewundert, wie wir da alle hineingepasst haben.
    das riesendorf, voller überraschungen und abenteuer,
    waren nur noch paar verstreut gelegene häuser. der riesige wasserfall ein plätscher-bächlein
    und die liebsten verwandten lagen schon unter der Erde.
    mein Besuch war trist,
    aber es hat sich gelohnt. Man bekommt zumindest das, weswegen man rüberfährt. Die warme Erinnerung an die Kindheit und an die sorgenfreien, besseren Tage : )
    Also, auf gehts, ab nach türkiye : )


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