Going EAST(-Germany) and IKEA

Flying to Berlin and visiting parents-in-law in the former-GDR. Sitting at the airport and using the time to complain to IKEA:


Around one month ago I came to IKEA to ask for a small piece for the following item:
The hinge in between the two plates got broken few month after I bought the table and when complaining to IKEA they told me that they will send it to me. One week later after not having received anything, I went a second time to IKEA and asked them; they nicely apologized and said that it might be on its way but they will place another order so that I get even twice two of these hinges. Now, after one month I haven’t gotten anything nor have I heard from them. I wonder if it is cheaper to buy a new table, throw the old one away and never believe the nice smiling stuff at IKEA again? Which option should I consider? I would appreciate any hint, because I am getting tired of waiting. I haven’t eating nicely since one month, because a half table has not enough space for a big meal. And I suppose that a person with full stomach is happier and wants to spend his money more likely at IKEA. Instead I am hungry and angry. Thanks in advance.

Angry student


2 Responses to “Going EAST(-Germany) and IKEA”

  1. 1 Brett January 16, 2008 at 7:29 pm

    One of the hinges on my table broke, too. Would be interested in learning more of any successful outcome. The hinges are kind of unusual – not available from a generic hardware store.

    Good luck.


  2. 2 ferramis January 16, 2008 at 8:13 pm

    They sent me a postcard (!!!) and apologized that they don’t have those items and that it might be wise to buy a new table 🙂

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