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Goodbye Windows

After having used a Mac PowerBook G4 for a couple of years I ordered a MacBook for my wife as well and will format my old Toshiba laptop to install Ubuntu on it. Hereby our family becomes finally free of Windows, which besides headaches and problems hasn’t served me/us at all. Let’s see how the transition goes and whether I will miss Windows.


almost through

So, we almost came through the tough time with our son. It was/is probably the three day fever, which is visiting him. Although I was sad that it had happened during the holidays where I was planing to study a lot, we managed at least to come through it while not working at work (counterpart to working at home,;opposed to living at home and at work ;)).

busy holidays

Christmas time is normally a very fruitful time for us. We don’t celebrate it, hence we normally use it to study a lot at home, however this time our son found it more interesting to have fever (40+x °C) . Today is the third day with x>0°C in a row and hopefully it will go over or we can at least go to the hospital. Both options would give us a release, because staying around him and just giving him every 4-6 hours medicine is not silencing him and standing next to the telephone and calling doctors to ensure that his behaviour is not critical keeps both of us very busy and ineffective.

research before health

I have mentioned my view towards doctors some time ago. My wife had some problems with one of her ears, so she went to the doctor. She went there quite often, to different once, in Germany and lately more often in Sweden. They all told her that she doesn’t have anything, but they all also didn’t really have time to do a deep check. So for 2 years or more she assumed that she didn’t have anything, albeit her hearing on one ear was almost gone and she had also some pain in her ear. One day one of the doctors took a deeper look and discovered that she was really almost deaf on one ear and put her on a waiting list for a ear surgery. They said it might take 2 years, however after some month they offered her to take part in a study with some drugs and in return she might get skip a year in the queue.

After telling them that she is willing to participate she got a date for the surgery in 2 month. The strange thing is now that she got some other calls from hospitals to take part in other ear related studies, which she accepted by the way. The thing I don’t understand is why no one really cared about her ear and hearing problem when there might have been still hope for an easier treatment?! After having ignored her for years they now are “happy” to have a person which they can study in deep for drug tests and other hearing related studies. At least she gets some attention from doctors. One more reason to not loose once time in waiting rooms of doctors which do not spend more than 5 minutes to ask you FAQ and give you text book answers.

Eid Mabruk

It is Eid again, so to those of you who celabate Eid: happy Eid. I still haven’t got my USB stick back from Germany, hence I couldn’t upload the images from Germany. So far not much has happened, rather busy days, but soon there will be more time to empty my head.

To keep in mind

Being handicapped in learning languages I have to remind myself about the following three Swedish verbs. I catch myself quite often interchanging them.

Jag förstör –> I destroy
Jag förstår –> I understand
Jag förstorar –> I magnify

Impressions from (East-)Germany

So, after two weeks of silence I finally found time to write or rather to just share few pictures from my to visits to Germany, both West and East-Germany. I get often the questions why I am distinguishing between the East and West side of Germany. Well, it is rather a vestige from my youth as well as a method to deal with my traumatic adventures in the Eastern part of Germany. Anyway here are some impressions from the small town I have been visiting twice within 2 weeks for 2 days, namely Gröbzig.


There is not much to see as you might have guessed. However it has one of the few Synagogues, which survived Nazi-Germany and is close to the highway (which is almost true for any city or village in Germany). I found my eszet and a new funny thing. Straws made out of chocolate, vanilla or strawberry powder and some chemicals.

You put it in milk and drink it and while sucking it into your mouth the powder solves from the powder balls inside the straw and mixes with the liquid. It is much faster then using powder separately and you can adjust the concentration by sucking slow or fast. There are more pictures, but I forgot my USB-stick in Germany and those who have it are not familiar with sending huge masses of data, which means that I have to wait some weeks or even months until they are able to forward the content of it 😦

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