Impressions from (East-)Germany

So, after two weeks of silence I finally found time to write or rather to just share few pictures from my to visits to Germany, both West and East-Germany. I get often the questions why I am distinguishing between the East and West side of Germany. Well, it is rather a vestige from my youth as well as a method to deal with my traumatic adventures in the Eastern part of Germany. Anyway here are some impressions from the small town I have been visiting twice within 2 weeks for 2 days, namely Gröbzig.


There is not much to see as you might have guessed. However it has one of the few Synagogues, which survived Nazi-Germany and is close to the highway (which is almost true for any city or village in Germany). I found my eszet and a new funny thing. Straws made out of chocolate, vanilla or strawberry powder and some chemicals.

You put it in milk and drink it and while sucking it into your mouth the powder solves from the powder balls inside the straw and mixes with the liquid. It is much faster then using powder separately and you can adjust the concentration by sucking slow or fast. There are more pictures, but I forgot my USB-stick in Germany and those who have it are not familiar with sending huge masses of data, which means that I have to wait some weeks or even months until they are able to forward the content of it 😦


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