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Someone should have told me before …

Thanks to Jake for bringing this to my attention. More can be found here.


Licht am Horizont

My sister with her oldest daughter is visiting us end of next month. Actually, I invited her to come when my wife has her ear surgery,  so that she can relax in Sweden look after our son, while I am working concentrating on my wife’s surgery. We also got news from the kindergarten; little nerd can start middle of March. We are awaiting this day since a long time, so that both of us can concentrate on our studies our son can play much more with other children, and learn Swedish, and beside that loose all his energy, so that he sleeps a lot at home.

“flatland” turbulence

Listened to a very interesting seminar today: 2D turbulence, by Prof. vanHeijst. I will not report on the content of the seminar, but rather on his first slide, where he mentioned “Flatland: A Romance of Many Dimensions “. I have never heard of it before, but ordered it immediately through our library (albeit its availability online). There was also a film and a movie about the novella, which I also haven’t seen before, but must see after seeing the trailer:

Patients with the seniors

I start to regret that I bought a laptop for my parents in law. We spent some hours to explain them how to go Online and how to use MSN and Skype. Now, after some weeks, I really hate to wait that they manage to answer our calls. We spend 95% of the time to get the audio and video connection to work with them and then 5 minutes to hold our son in front of the cam. They should have a Windows 50+ Version (Microsoft is good in selling shit, so why not?), where nothing except a poor browser (font size 32), MSN and Skype is pre-installed.

Update on Italian hand gestures

Next time I go to Italy I will try it 😉

XUbuntu is installed

Finally, XUbuntu is installed and works fast, is easy to use and so far I managed to find my way, without any pre-knowledge about Linux 😉

Germany revisited

Besides two packages which we received today, my USB stick found back to me from Germany. On it some pictures from my short stays in East and West Germany. Below two impressions from the traditional Christmas market/fair in Essen.


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