Audiometry via internet

One of the tasks my wife got from the hospital to decrease the time in the queue for her ear surgery was to take part in the following online audiometry study. I always thought that my hearing was slightly bad because my wife keeps telling me that I don’t react while sitting in front of the computer when she asks me to change our sons diapers or to do other things. I always thought it must be a result of my bad hearing, but thanks to the audiometry test we are a step closer to the truth:


The plots (click on it to enlarge it) show the audiometry results of me and my wife for the left and right ear, respectively. For adults a 20 db is limit as far as I remember, so I am fine, but my wife’s right ear needs much more to feel something. This again brings us to the sound spectra of our sons crying, which explains why she never hears him crying when sleeping on her left ear. Soon, after her surgery, there is no excuse for telling me that she didn’t hear him crying! Test it for your self (it is in Swedish!), it might help you to find out if you are really bad in hearing or just lazy and maybe you might get an early diagnosis which could save you some pain and trouble.


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