Goodbye is not enough

I just finished backing up all my files on my Laptop with Windows as OS and checked if my wife’s BSc thesis written in WORD on Windows can be opened on WORD on MAC without damage. And it can, EXCEPT that the images appear inverted. Apparently a known problem between Windows-MAC, but still good enough for me to spend angry hours fighting against it. But these will hopefully be my last hours with Windows. I have hated a lot of companies and Software products so far, but Windows and Microsoft have been the worst of all of these. I don’t know how many months of my life I have struggled with these buggy software products. Although I am using MAC since 4 years I still was using Windows on a part time basis at home. But now its final: You are dead to me Windows!

I just converted my wife, by buying her a new MacBook, to a happy MAC user. She just has to finish her thesis and then it is time for her to get to know LaTex and all her troubles (at least the Windows related ones, the once with LaTex have at least dignity and system behind it) will be over.

For all of you who still uses Windows and MAC, try to avoid the drag-and-drop options and ALWAYS insert figures by inserting the image as a file, otherwise you will end up with inverted images, which can’t be re-inverted. The solution, although quite simple, has taken hours for me to find out, namely safe the WORD files as a WEBPAGE (nothing new so far, I suppose), but prior to that do some simple steps outlined here. And when doing so increase the pixel and select the largest possible resolution of the image. I was able to extract the original image quality (few MB big PNG images), which I haven’t thought were possible, because so far I was used to get crappy JPEG images.

I am heading towards an anger-free-world, by killing Windows and Microsoft as much as possible in my world, and so far it helps. Now it is time to install XUbuntu on my own laptop and everything will be fine. I hope!


2 Responses to “Goodbye is not enough”

  1. 1 Veronica January 4, 2008 at 3:59 am

    Jag som nyss var tvungen att installera dual boot med windows pa min fina nya mac… bara for att det inte finns “ratt” programvara till macen. Snyft…

    Heja Ramis!

  2. 2 ferramis January 4, 2008 at 7:55 am

    I know: I am too optimistic, but as long as I don’t need anything running on Windows I will pretend to be the happy little child with his Mac or Linux laptop. And if I will need it, then it is just a necessity and not for pleasure ūüėČ

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