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8 hours in a row

Regardless of my statement of the advantages of “re-sleep”, I have to admit that it is a quite nice feeling to let ones baby sleep for 8 hours in a row. Not only did the neighbors not have to know on our walls, but also did we have a nice relaxing evening and night. Of course we checked if he is still alive after 4-5 hours of silence and after some slight shakes we were sufficient about his living.

The question whether or not this new feature of him is due to the fact that the started at the kindergarten has to be checked. Another explanation might be that few drops of Theralen could have shown the same effect. Further tests have to be performed before concluding something at this early stage.


My last Ben & Jerry

I love Ben & Jerry ice cream and since today this is no longer true. To make the story short:


I am a big fan of Ben & Jerry ice cream and there is hardly a day without eating your delicious ice cream. However, lately I am quite disappointed with “Fossil Fuel”. This is the second time in a raw that the package I bought is uneatable. It tastes like water and I have a hard time eating it at all. I just wanted to inform you, so that you can check the production process regarding this flavour. The other once seem good as usual but something is odd with FossilFuel. The last bad item I bought has the following number on the bottom side:

06/2009 L73400C011 05:53

Best regards,

Three weeks without any response made me angry, so I wrote again:


Unfortunately I haven’t heard from you since my last email. Since then I bought your new flavours and I really like them, but today I got again Bohemian Raspberry which was uneatable: It seemed like melted and frozen several times again. I hereby give up to try to find the good ones and will tell my friends to stop buying your products as well, because I am really annoyed by companies which seem to have a good costumer relation, but in the end can not answer to one of their customers within 18 days. Best regards

I mean I don’t buy 10 SEK ice cream and if I would buy it I would not complain if sometimes it would taste like water or even worse. But if you pay almost 50 SEK for 500 g you expect something. At least good costumer relations, but then I got this:


When it comes to “re-frozen” products our policy says you should go to the store where you bought the ice-cream. Take the complaint with them and then they can contact us. Partly cause you’ve “done the deal” with them and also so they can check their freezers and prevent anyone else to get the same unfortunate “experience”.

Ben & Jerry`s Sweden

In short: I pay ten times more for their ice cream and they expect me to solve their problems? I will send this email to Ben & Jerry in UK and USA, just for fun to ask them if they treat customers the same way as here. The least would be to ask me where I bought their product so that they could tell the sellers to have an eye on it, but NO! Now, I have to get used to the “cheaper” ice creams again, but at least I don’t tend to write to their costumer services, because I don’t expect them to have one.

Oh my jet

As someone who is used to use hot-wires it was quite nice to work one day with smoke visualisations in a jet. It is quite amazing how easy it is to be fascinated and able to fascinate others by such simple techniques. Of course the image is not “complete” so far: the illumination is not homogeneous, the focus is not on the entire jet, but rather the outlet region, etc. But for a start up it made my day (thanks to the anonymous Italian PIV expert ;)). I would like to hear what “non fluid dynamicists” see in this image?


Expansion plans

Infected by Journaliya I created my own visited countries map. The result is: There is so little I have seen 😦

create your own visited country map

Nice Germans …

… no comment needed:

Child leash

When I was small, say 1-3 years old, my parents used to have a child leash. They told me that I was very active and couldn’t be stopped easily, so that had to use the leash to keep me close. Now, almost 30 years later, I got a similar leash for my son. I haven’t people seen using it in Sweden so far, so I was slightly sceptical when using it today the first time downtown. For those who haven’t seen one of these very practical inventions, see the excerpt from Simpson below.

Young people found it quite amusing I thing, because they very mostly laughing when they saw us, seniors on the other hand looked slightly strange at me, like saying: “What a bad father he is”, or “What a lazy guy!”. I am not sure if I will use it frequently, but it is definitely worth a thought. And it doesn’t seem to be something only Germans use; evidence follows:

Bobby and a new ear ;)

My sister with her oldest daughter visited us to help out during the ear surgery of my wife. She must have thought that she can stay as a tourist, but a) I got a strong flue and was knocked out for some 8-10 days, b) our little had an ear infection and was complaining more than usual c) my sisters daughter got sick as well and finally my wife shouldn’t get infected, but could not stay at the hospital more then 1 day (incl. the time for the surgery). So we ended up with 4 sick people and one healthy visitor who was supposed to look after all of us instead of sightseeing 😉 One thing which kept the two little ones happy was Bobby:

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