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I will never again force people to have lunch with me!

I promise 🙂


Prison break and yodeling

I am quite busy since some weeks and that will not change for the next month. So this is probably the first time I am really happy to invite my parents in law. They are coming and I am already planing how many hours I do have to be at home in order to not appear impolite. Frankly, it is good timing, because when they come, I might need to work slightly more and my wife needs to study as well, so they can have our apartment and son, whereas I and my wife will be at our universities. One thing I haven’t figured out yet is how to protect our son from the East-German influence, both language wise and cultural. I spent almost a quarter of a century in Germany where I was exposed to (what senior German citizens call) music. But each time I meet my parents in law I find something even more unbearable.

Yodeling is such a disease:

However sang by another person makes it bearable:

He is back

Germans have missed him, although they never understood him. He reformed the German language and now it is time to listen to the men who does not fear to speak in public in any language he wants:

For those who have missed the classical appearances in Germany or Austria, see the following clips:

(the subtitles are more or less correct, it is impossible to subtitle it better ;))

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