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Still alive!

Quite busy and aggressive, but still alive! Visa (after my russian nightmare, that was the first I did) and tickets for Melbourne are issued. Will spend a half day in Kuala Lumpur to make the trip not too long. That was mainly the reason I updated my cam, of course I had to tell something else add home to justify the spent money, but … you can’t go to Kuala Lumpur and Melbourne with an old cam, can you? Tickets for Germany, Berlin, are also booked, Conference as well as 50th wedding anniversary of my wifes’ grandparents in East-Bavaria, 20 km from the Czech border. 2 days with East-German family will probably give me no other choice then trying cross the border and by some cheap sweets. This is probably my last blog entry until I am in one of the aforementioned places, due to a huge lack of time.


new cam

My Sony Cyber-shot 4.1MP was already too old and too big. The pictures were just good enough for my blog and emails, but one couldn’t use most of it. So, today it was time to update it and I decided to send it to my little sister in Germany, before she goes to her Spanish course in Cuba. I instead bought a new Sony today, see here.


Some pictures from the way to and from Grythyttan:

Apparently “Swedens biggest Sweet Shop”, which also claimed to have the sourest sweets. Of course I had to test some of them on the way, but stopped testing them due to severe damage of my tongue:

So, thats enough of sweets and its causes, now back to Grythyttan:


Stress and anger gives a nice mixture of politeness:


Although i am tired of DPD and tried to convince the people sending packages to me to not use DPD due to non-existing services. I still get from time to time packages through DPD, with which I have to live I suppose. Anyway: This time, as all the previous times, we got a AVI to pick up our package. According to your page you couldn’t find us at home at 10.48, altough someone was the whole day at home. Of course it is easy to blaim the stupid costumer that he might be deaf, but strangely there was no AVI before 12 o’clock at that day. So either you are lying on your page, or the information transfer within DPD is as good as their costumer service. After having called several numbers I am again tired and will have to go to your företagscenter to pick up the package.

Do you have any experience with costumers like me? I really would like to know how other former DPD costumers could convince their friends or companies not to use DPD? I would appreciate any hint.Maybe this is something you could manage to my satisfaction?

Wannabe nerd

Random Stockholm pics

My wife’s cousin was here fore 1.5 weeks and showed us places we hadn’t had time to see before 😉 This is just a random compilation of some of the unknown and known places:

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