EXCEL or how Microshit makes money

I hate Microsoft and EXCEL. WORD and POWERPOINT on the otherhand are better than a pen and a paper. EXCEL however is the most useless application I have in my entire life used and unfortunately still have to use, because I can’t always have Matlab or Mathematica installed on every computer I have or use. Things which take  minutes take 2 hours on EXCEL, because EXCEL has the habit to use 32000 rows instead of 3, although 31997 of them are empty. But why keep them as they are, why not taking it into account and saving it. Of course it looks better to  have a 32 MB EXCEL file instead of a 4kb ASCII file, although the content is the same. And adding labels is the most natural thing in EXCEL; do you know someone using EXCEL 2008? Ask him how he adds x or y labels to his plots. I mean the part before the 1 hour waiting procedure that allows one to enter a letter. I have sent a bunch of emails to Microsoft over the years via the error message send stuff, which seems to be as useful as all their other sh**.

I started around 19:30 to check import 5 ASCII files into EXCEL and to just plot them, no computation, no adding no subtraction, just plotting. It is 22 now and I am just at th edge to take a valium pill or to through out my computer. I just had to releave my chest: I hate you EXCEL, how can you sleep at night BILL? HOW? All your money and the charity is for nothing! Make something useful instead!


1 Response to “EXCEL or how Microshit makes money”

  1. 1 TK December 11, 2008 at 11:35 pm

    Think that Lex Smits said he does fft with excel

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