Lying doctors & parents

To make a long story short. Parent(s) P want their (male) child C to be circumcised and went to a clinic to get some information about the procedure and how to plan it. The professional doctor D, who makes his living just with foreskins, told P, obviously I am a subset of P, that the circumcision should only be performed shortly after the birth of C or again after C weights more than 15kg so that the anesthetics do no harm to C. D repeated to P, that the 15kg limit is indeed very important and that C had to wait a half year or so. Also P was told to get some information send home one month before the circumcision in order to be prepared for the day. P agreed and went home. So far nothing strange.

One month later, C still around its 10-11 kg, D called and told P that there is a gap in their time schedule and that C could be treated next week. No information was or will be send home, 4-5 out of 15kg is suddenly a small difference, well its just 30%. Thats what doctors have as their error-bars, while engineers aim for few percentages. P said no and referred to the 15kg limit, which D did not want to except for a no, so P waited one day and told D that C got sick. 2 weeks later, again a call, D with the same story, and P answered in the same way, but D insisted this time that the 15kg were not really important and that an info-letter will be sent to that it arrives few days before the treatment. P was hence again forced to tell D that C was sick. The same story repeated itself just last week, C is still 11-12 kg, and is recalling how careful and repeatetly he asked for the treatment before the 15 kg, when P had time. But now neither the 15kg have arrived, nor does/do P has/have time. P is currently rethinking the clinic, because if D lies about the 15 limit, then why should I trust his word at all, maybe he isn’t a doctor, but just a butcher, because then 2-4 kg more or less shouldn’t matter?


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  1. 1 Bobby December 13, 2008 at 6:24 pm

    Many Doctors, Nurses and Hospitals will tell parents anything to get a consent for circumcision.

    A circumcision takes no more than 15 minutes max and produces hundreds of dollars in revenue. You have got it figured out.

    Now get a different doctor/clinic for your son and don’t allow them to touch his penis for any reason. Some want to foribly retract the foreskin, which is very injurious to a baby.

  2. 2 turkishmom December 13, 2008 at 8:43 pm

    If you have the possibility (is that the right spelling) to travel to Istanbul, I can recommend a very very good Doc. Even two.

    We had our own experiences with these kind of Doctors in Germany. I tell you they were driving me crazy…And in Istanbul, easy as pie. For the P.’s and the C.

  3. 3 ferramis December 14, 2008 at 8:49 pm

    The comment option for this particular post is closed, after having received a number of lectures/articles on another view on this subject. Again this is a normal clinical procedure at a state hospital in Sweden. Those who can’t accept this should turn to the Swedish state, which allows it within its state hospitals and not me, because contrary to the former I don’t care what others think about my or my families lifestyle.

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