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From Cappadocia to Istanbul

After 3 days in Cappadocia we are heading now towards Istanbul. From there we will continue tomorrow morning through Greece, the former Jugoslavian states, Hungary, Austria to Germany. I hope to make it before my flight to Stockholm this Sunday. Picture will follow very soon.

Things I didn’t know that they exist


&mpressions from Uchisar&Ürgüp


Finally in Cappadocia

Finally I arrived after a 6 hours bus trip in Cappadocia. I am now trying to learn to sleep with unlocked doors, deal with the guy who goes from house to house to wake up people at 2 in the night so that they can eat before the fasting time beginns, as well as a number of nasty insects which seem to live with us in the same room. Two more days, and then I am off to Istanbul.


Packing for Turkey

I haven’t been in Turkey since 2003, that was when I completed my Masters degree. Now almost 6 years later, having just defended my PhD thesis, it is time to go there again. So, tomorrow I am flying to Ankara and I am flying back to Stockholm from Germany exactly one week later. Hows and whys will maybe follow here, whenever I have an Internet connection 😉

Mac rules

Picture taken at a meeting in Cambridge, UK

Picture taken at a meeting in Cambridge, UK

First time ever

More than 5 years have past and I haven’t had the change to leave the greater Stockholm area. Either I was abroad or in Stockholm. Having defended my thesis (this explains why I wasn’t to active lately here) gave me finally some time to try to see something else than Stockholm. So last weekend we went to Västervik and the most surprising thing to me (or to someone who was used to the German Autobahn) is that while driving on the E4 we suddenly had to stop. Why? Well see for yourself:


Some where on the E4

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