Bought a garbage portable DVD player

Since I rented a car to drive some 600 km in Sweden and our son can’t be still while driving, we decided to by a portable DVD player used to be seldomly when ever we rent a car. Thats what we did and the result is of course a letter to the producer:


I just bought a Jensen Media:Link 7100 DVD player, to be used at home and in the car. Since I opened the package and it “works” there is no way to get my money back. Why would I like to have my money back if the product “works”. Well if “works” means, that it transforms electrical power into heat and entropy then yes it works! But neither can I enjoy a movie in the car, since many DVDs which otherwise work fine, can’t be watched without touching/shaking the product until the movie continuous. Not enough the supplied “product stand” which is supposed to help the DVD player to stand, is not compatible with the DVD player. Neither in the manual nor on your webpage, nor a number of people were able to find a place to hold the DVD player. Of course I could use glue or a drilling machine to make a hole through the useless device, but I still hope that there is hope that one day products for which I pay will do what they are supposed to do.
So, is there any hope for me to get rid of the thing I bought or is it my fault to have bought a crappy product. Or is there still hope that the “product stand” has a purpose in being and the DVD player has just to get used to Swedens routes?

Greetings from a disappointed costumer,
wannabe nerd


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