Should I get used to liars?


I am aware of the fact that I might ask for too much, viz. stop lying, however as a friendly soul I am giving it one more shot.

Since I moved to Sweden I started getting packages from abroad and everytime I came home I found your AVI with the sentence “Vi har sökt dig för att leverera paket/pall”. Assuming that is a trustworthy institution I assumed that they are speaking the truth and started, whenever I expected an important package, to arrange someone at home who could accept the package, so that I do not loose a or few days. As it turns out however, had never even tried to deliver the package, since at all the instances the postman or postwoman came only with the AVI having no intention to deliver tha package. I complained about this already several times, and I am aware that some packages are not intended to be delivered, but have to be picked up. Nevertheless, the AVI contains the sentence “Vi har sökt dig för att leverera paket/pall”, which clearly gives a different impression. Therefore, not only for me, but all other people, who wrongly assume that is not lying, I asked you already to change the sentence. Furthermore I do not want any lies in my mailbox. I was told that you would report and change this, however yesterday I again received an AVI with the Kollinr ———– (the number is hardly readable!), and I repeat my request.

Do not sent me AVIs with the above sentence, unless you really have intended to sent me the package! I don’t care whether you write it by hand or change your AVI forms. One more AVI with a lie and you will hear from me again.

Sorry for my rude style, but I get sick off liars. I already spent to much time and money explaining the situation on the phone.

Best regards,

Wannabe Nerd


1 Response to “Should I get used to liars?”

  1. 1 ferramis March 20, 2010 at 6:29 pm

    After 2 weeks of now mails, I finally started getting mails again, and will take the “idea about the text on the avi to the responsible entity.”.

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