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The McDonalds letter

McDonalds sells shit, except McFlurry, but has the best strategy to get young costumers. I always wonder how my 3-year old one is able to see a McDonalds sign from hundrets of meters and start telling me “Pappa, look! McDonalds” His voice increases with decreasing distance to it, like a Geiger counter. The problem now is that he gets reminded of McDonalds whenever he sees the letter “M”. So for instance when the keyboard on my iPhone pops up or he opens my laptop. “Titta Pappa McDonalds”. I can still hear my own words many years ago. My kids will never go to McDonalds. Now, I don’t find away to go downtown without coming home with a HappyMeal bag and a stupid toy in it. I hate you McDonalds, except your McFlurry.


My mistress No 2

I am used to here complains regarding the time I spent with my iPhone. But who can blame me? Its an iPhone after all. Another mistress I have neglected for some time now, Turbulence, should get some renewed attention. Particularly after coming across a new book by Wyngaard, from which I cite the following:

Soccer for nerds

Haven’t read these papers yet, but will do as soon as I find time.


I really enjoy writing rebuttals to referees who have a problem with manuscripts I am sending in or who have constructive comments. Having said that I really wonder how this paper here got accepted. I haven’t seen a withdrawal of a paper before, so now I know how it is announced: here

Source: AlexL

LIDL and my attempt to play badminton


Today I bought the following item:

Jumbo Badmintonset

I am aware that LIDL stuff is usuall cheap and not intended to last for very long time, nevertheless I had hoped to have some fun with the really cheap items. I did not even play 5 minutes with a friend and both rockets broke within that time. Now I have balls, and no working rocket. Was this planed from LIDLs side, so that one can just look at the items and not use them or was it intended to last for longer time and LIDL likes happy costumers? In any case I am looking forward to hear from you regarding this. I am tired to carry broken items to LIDL and discuss with the people there, therefore, before I even go there I wanted to check what my changes are with LIDL and fairness.

Regards, Wannabe nerd


Thank you for your e-mail.

I´m sorry that the Badminstonset were broken so soon after you bought it.
You can go to the store with the badminstonset and the receipt and show it to the manager of the store. He, or she can take a look at it and decide if you can have the money back. If it is a defect in a manufacture, there should not be any problem.

Have a nice day.

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