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Mal sehen ob das BFM sich meldet

Email ans BFM

Schäuble: “Das Vertrauen in die Finanzmärkte wurde durch die historische Finanzmarktkrise in seinen Grundfesten erschüttert. Jetzt gilt es, verloren gegangenes Vertrauen zurück zu gewinnen: Durch eine bessere Aufsicht über die Akteure und einen stärkeren Schutz der Steuerzahler und Sparer, aber genauso durch ein nachhaltigeres und verantwortungsvolleres Verhalten aller Finanzmarktakteure.”

Hier spricht mir der Minister aus dem Herzen. Auf Grund seiner Dunklen Vergangenheit würde ich als Deutscher Bürger gerne das Vertrauen in ihm zurückgewinnen und gerne in Erfahrung bringen, ob Er ebenso unter Aufsicht steht, so dass ich als Bürger nicht um die Finanzen meines Staates bangen muss. Denn wer einmal lügt dem Glaubt man nicht. Ich hoffe, sie können das Misstrauen meinerseits nachvollziehen und können mir nahe legen dass Herr Schäuble keine Sonderbehandlung erhält! Vielen Dank.

SEK – EURO dilemma

I have to pay back an interest free study loan to the German state, and finally have the money together in SEK, however seing how the Swedish Krona has performed over the last month tells me to wait some more time before paying it back?

widechartwidechart225 % loss in worth over just few month, that would be 1000 EURO more to pay for some 5000 EURO I have to pay? Normally I really don’t spend attention, but these graphs (taken from here) tell me to pay more attention. I hope it goes back to its former state, otherwise I am screwed.

The little torturer

Waking up middle of the night is nothing strange for us since our little one has been around us. However since few month he enforces his will on us without patience. It happened often that I woke up due to strong kicks by him or by slaps in the face. Upon opening my eyes I just saw his little finger coming towards my eye. Then another bash with his bottle and the words “Mich mich”, which he uses to say “Milch” (milk). From that point on I have approximately 10 seconds to stand up, wash his bottle, fill it up, heat it up and give it to him. Usually it takes 1-2 minutes, which he accompanies with crying, sometimes so hard that he stops breathings and becomes blue.

The same procedure repeats itself 2-3 times each night. Thats the normal, i.e. good, part. Towards the morning, around 4-6 am, I sometimes open my eyes with my or my wifes’ socks pressed onto my face. A even more disgusting procedure is, when he sits with his full diapers on my faces. These once are usually filled up until their maximum load, due to our lazyness to change them during the night. Its a blessing that he sleeps some hours, so why bothering and changing his diapers. Well as soon as he sits on my face I regret not having changed him.

You probably can’t imagine how smelly, warm and soft his butt is, well this picture might help you imagine how it could feel like on your face:


Media Markt Reklam

Ikea is used to make fun of Swedes, and so is Media Markt with Germans. I like especially the German accent 😉 Men vad betyder “puckat”?

He is back

Germans have missed him, although they never understood him. He reformed the German language and now it is time to listen to the men who does not fear to speak in public in any language he wants:

For those who have missed the classical appearances in Germany or Austria, see the following clips:

(the subtitles are more or less correct, it is impossible to subtitle it better ;))


This is a kind of update to Hape Kerkelings performance in several languages. A lovesong in some languages:

July 2020