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My mistress No 2

I am used to here complains regarding the time I spent with my iPhone. But who can blame me? Its an iPhone after all. Another mistress I have neglected for some time now, Turbulence, should get some renewed attention. Particularly after coming across a new book by Wyngaard, from which I cite the following:


Need for a spare tyre

For some time now I am holding the speed record in our neighbourhood. But recently some kids started to claim that there were indeed faster than me. To settle these rumours I challenged 3 kids, around 3-6 years old. Of course I had no mercy with them and defended my record (mainly by exploiding my knowledge about vehicle aerodynamics :)). Unfortunately in one of my last laps the tyre split got a crack. As soon as some others will challenge me I need some knew tyres. Also some parents seem not to like the ideas that 6 year old siblings take the cars or motorbikes of their 3 year old siblings, but I did not plan to be an example for these kids, I just couldn’t except the rumours in the neighborhood.Photo0110

Reasearch area I would be interested in

Back from Chicago


Fourier analysis for dummies

(Click on the image to be forwarded to the page.) Thanks for Alex for bringing this to my attention.

8 hours in a row

Regardless of my statement of the advantages of “re-sleep”, I have to admit that it is a quite nice feeling to let ones baby sleep for 8 hours in a row. Not only did the neighbors not have to know on our walls, but also did we have a nice relaxing evening and night. Of course we checked if he is still alive after 4-5 hours of silence and after some slight shakes we were sufficient about his living.

The question whether or not this new feature of him is due to the fact that the started at the kindergarten has to be checked. Another explanation might be that few drops of Theralen could have shown the same effect. Further tests have to be performed before concluding something at this early stage.

Oh my jet

As someone who is used to use hot-wires it was quite nice to work one day with smoke visualisations in a jet. It is quite amazing how easy it is to be fascinated and able to fascinate others by such simple techniques. Of course the image is not “complete” so far: the illumination is not homogeneous, the focus is not on the entire jet, but rather the outlet region, etc. But for a start up it made my day (thanks to the anonymous Italian PIV expert ;)). I would like to hear what “non fluid dynamicists” see in this image?


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