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Still can’t believe it

I still can’t believe it. I just ate an apple; not the tiny peeled ones one gets at McDonalds, but the ones which can be found in the fruit corner of grocery stores (a place I try to avoid due to the accumulation of parents with kids). The reason was that I finished my daily icecream ratio, had some chocolate and some sweets. Then I tried the chips, but somehow they didn’t taste good, so I was forced to look for something else, and somehow my hand touched this thing with which we feed the kids with usually. Since I haven’t done anything crazy lately I thought “What the heck?!” and just ate it. I felt so proud of myself that I just had to note it here.


long-term plans and short-term patience

A tough time has started. Kindergarden has closed for some
days now and each day at home with 2 kids is like …. (guess
what?!). This explains my increased need to cool down with
something I had a hard time explaining my wife. My argument that it
will last for many weeks and isn’t really so expensive has proven
to be weak, especially after I told her that I had to eat some
during the last night in order to make space for food to be bought
in due time.

Parents in law know how to make me like them

The McDonalds letter

McDonalds sells shit, except McFlurry, but has the best strategy to get young costumers. I always wonder how my 3-year old one is able to see a McDonalds sign from hundrets of meters and start telling me “Pappa, look! McDonalds” His voice increases with decreasing distance to it, like a Geiger counter. The problem now is that he gets reminded of McDonalds whenever he sees the letter “M”. So for instance when the keyboard on my iPhone pops up or he opens my laptop. “Titta Pappa McDonalds”. I can still hear my own words many years ago. My kids will never go to McDonalds. Now, I don’t find away to go downtown without coming home with a HappyMeal bag and a stupid toy in it. I hate you McDonalds, except your McFlurry.


Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren,

Hiermit möchte ich Ihnen lediglich mitteilen, dass ich heute eine ihrer Efepasa Ekelwürste gekauft habe und gerade ein Mittagessen vorbereiten wollte, aber der Anblick an der Abfallprodukte in der Wurst war einfach so ekelig, dass ich es nicht mehr essen konnte. Vielleicht bin ich es nicht gewohnt, so etwas zu essen, daher schicke ich Ihnen Anbei ein Foto ihres Produktes. Es wäre interessant in Erfahrung zu bringen, ob Sie und Ihre Mitarbeiter ihre eigenen Produkte verzehren, oder ob es da noch eine spezielle Produktionslinie gibt, die etwas teurer, dafür aber essbar ist. Es wäre doch sinnvoll eine teurere Produktreihe zu haben, die man auch ohne erbrechen verzehren kann, dann könnte der Kunde selber wählen, ob was er seinem Körper antut. In der Hoffnung von Ihnen zu hören verbleibe ich mit hungrigen Grüssen und werde auch meinen Bekanntenkreis von dem Ekelprodukt in Kenntnis setzen, es sei denn es handelt sich hier um einen Ausrutscher, was ich hiermit in Erfahrung bringen möchte.

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