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Fashion à la parents in law

Thats what you get when you allow your east german parents in law to by you presents. Funny? Not if you have you wear it.


German flashback

Don’t know why, but just had to watch this clips from my childhood. These were the songs my parents used to listen/watch while we kids were hiding behind the door, since we were supposed to be in bed.

Mal sehen ob das BFM sich meldet

Email ans BFM

Schäuble: “Das Vertrauen in die Finanzmärkte wurde durch die historische Finanzmarktkrise in seinen Grundfesten erschüttert. Jetzt gilt es, verloren gegangenes Vertrauen zurück zu gewinnen: Durch eine bessere Aufsicht über die Akteure und einen stärkeren Schutz der Steuerzahler und Sparer, aber genauso durch ein nachhaltigeres und verantwortungsvolleres Verhalten aller Finanzmarktakteure.”

Hier spricht mir der Minister aus dem Herzen. Auf Grund seiner Dunklen Vergangenheit würde ich als Deutscher Bürger gerne das Vertrauen in ihm zurückgewinnen und gerne in Erfahrung bringen, ob Er ebenso unter Aufsicht steht, so dass ich als Bürger nicht um die Finanzen meines Staates bangen muss. Denn wer einmal lügt dem Glaubt man nicht. Ich hoffe, sie können das Misstrauen meinerseits nachvollziehen und können mir nahe legen dass Herr Schäuble keine Sonderbehandlung erhält! Vielen Dank.

Still alive!

Quite busy and aggressive, but still alive! Visa (after my russian nightmare, that was the first I did) and tickets for Melbourne are issued. Will spend a half day in Kuala Lumpur to make the trip not too long. That was mainly the reason I updated my cam, of course I had to tell something else add home to justify the spent money, but … you can’t go to Kuala Lumpur and Melbourne with an old cam, can you? Tickets for Germany, Berlin, are also booked, Conference as well as 50th wedding anniversary of my wifes’ grandparents in East-Bavaria, 20 km from the Czech border. 2 days with East-German family will probably give me no other choice then trying cross the border and by some cheap sweets. This is probably my last blog entry until I am in one of the aforementioned places, due to a huge lack of time.

niggling, or “The German way of smalltalk”

I must have mentioned somewhere that my wives grandaunt is here for some days, while I was in Cyprus. She is approaching an age of 80 and spend her childhood in a time most Germans do not like to speak about. She seems formed by this time, at least that is my impression. Everything she sees is bad compared to “the old times” and nothing is good enough for her standards. The chicken my wive baked for her was too bloody, our home is too dirty and too small, the stairs are also too dirty, why haven’t we complained about that? The drain smells and is too slow, the light is not enough. Our son gets too much attention, and my wife can’t cook. Everything has to be like in Germany, otherwise it is bad. Of course there are also good sights, eg. she can’t sit a minute without doing nothing. So she ironed, almost, everything I had, cleans our home every day, makes food and cleans it up. Goes out with our son and does not save us from her “wisdom” about almost anything. A classic old German. Tomorrow is her last day with us, then we will decline to our decadent old, dirty and ignorant way of living.

He is back

Germans have missed him, although they never understood him. He reformed the German language and now it is time to listen to the men who does not fear to speak in public in any language he wants:

For those who have missed the classical appearances in Germany or Austria, see the following clips:

(the subtitles are more or less correct, it is impossible to subtitle it better ;))


This is a kind of update to Hape Kerkelings performance in several languages. A lovesong in some languages:

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