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Expansion plans

Infected by Journaliya I created my own visited countries map. The result is: There is so little I have seen 😦

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Mon amour mon ami

It was sometime around last summer. I – as usual – in front of my Computer and my wife in front of the TV. It was a normal weekend, so we deserved to relax. Then suddenly she jumped up and called me, because while watching 8 Women on TV she wanted to show me the following scene:

or in its original version:

That night we searched for the song, listened to it the whole night while searching for cheap flights to Paris. That’s how things are in our live, very spontaneous. I never really wanted to go to France. My wife studied 2 years in Karlsruhe, close to the French border and every time I visited her we could have crossed the border within few minutes, but we didn’t. Two or three times we started in the morning and than somewhere around Strasbourg we stopped visited the town and decided to drive back; so we never made it to Paris 😦 Both of us do not speak any French, she had Russian and I Latin as my second foreign language, hence we would have been lost (that is what we thought, but since my Japan visit I know better, one doesn’t need to know anything just to visit a country; it is even more fun without :)). But that night, while listening to mon amour mon ami we just wanted soo deeply to go there, but somehow didn’t manage.

But since then that particular night that song is in my iTunes and I checked it this morning, I have listened to it knowingly or unknowingly for almost 3000 times! Evidence is here:



Continuing my agenda, to use this blog as a playground and photo album, I grubbed out some of my pictures I took in Tokyo in April 2005. It reminds me of Manhattan, even though Tokyo was sunny and New York was rainy and above all on average the people in New York seemed to be larger. But besides that both cities have quite a lot in common, at least the skyscrapers and the large green areas, the parks, within the centre of the city. If you ever visit Tokyo, you should watch Lost in translation. Many scenes can be experienced in real life, as for instance the too low placed shower head.


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