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He is back

Germans have missed him, although they never understood him. He reformed the German language and now it is time to listen to the men who does not fear to speak in public in any language he wants:

For those who have missed the classical appearances in Germany or Austria, see the following clips:

(the subtitles are more or less correct, it is impossible to subtitle it better ;))



This is a kind of update to Hape Kerkelings performance in several languages. A lovesong in some languages:

Update on Italian hand gestures

Next time I go to Italy I will try it 😉

To keep in mind

Being handicapped in learning languages I have to remind myself about the following three Swedish verbs. I catch myself quite often interchanging them.

Jag förstör –> I destroy
Jag förstĂ„r –> I understand
Jag förstorar –> I magnify

Wodka nights in the Russian embassy

Spend two hours infront of the Russian embassy in Stockholm and was told that I spoke to a ghost. I called the embassy Sunday evening for an urgent problem and the two people I spoke to gave me hope and told me to visit the embassy the first thing in the morning. I was the first there and had my hopes up, but after telling them that I spoke to two people from the embassy (Ok, I didn’t speak to the first one, because he couldn’t speak Swedish nor English) they told me that that would be impossible because no one works on Sunday at the embassy. I tried to repeat myself several times, that I got the phone number from their webpage and that I spoke with them. But she repeated that no one would be answering the phone, because no one would be in the embassy. In short: Either I spoke to ghosts or to the cleaning or security staff in the embassy, or they are not remembering their Wodka nights Sundays in the embassy while listening to Curky Buchek:

Mr. No and Family Guy

Since our son was born we started to introduce to teach him what is good/allowed and what is bad/not allowed, by saying to him “good”, “gut”, “bra”, “aferim”, “masaAllah” etc. or “Nein” for the latter case. The latter is the most often word we are using since he started crawling. After friends have told us that he might think that his name is “Nein” we got worried and started to add “no”, “nej” and “hayir” to the word list. But somehow he still turns his head to us if we say “Nein” and then he starts smiling. Another thing he did or still does reminded me very much on Family Guy, namely that he gets shocked/scared if he himself farts or he even wakes ups and cries if he does it during his sleep. So the content of Family Guy isn’t always made up as you see here:

And only for people with Swedish humour the following:

Sorry for todays content, but for young parents these topics are daily business.

Mamma li Turchi!

Excerpt from Wikipedia:

In Italian phrases such as “bestemmia come un Turco” (“he swears like a Turk”) and “puzza come un Turco” (“he stinks like a Turk”) were used often.[2] One of the most infamous Italian phrase (and one much used by headline writers) was “Mamma li Turchi!” (“Mamma the Turks are coming”) this is used to suggest an imminent danger.[3] In addition, Italians regularly use the expression “Fumare come un Turco” (“To smoke like a Turk”).

Yesterday I learnt the phrase “Mamma li Turchi”, but meant as a joke. When running to my Italian Prof. (it is quite hot outside so I usually run from my office to the hangar and back, in order not to be exposed too long to the sun) he gets usually shocked to see me, because he assume that something has happened from my sudden appearance and fast breathing. But it is interesting to me, because I just knew a little about Ottoman history in Italy (except this very nice BBC documentary [part 1] & [part 2]), although I am aware of the Ottomans/Turks in Sicily some centuries ago.

To comment on the phrases: Yes Turks swear for every small thing, way too often and they smoke really a lot, but Italians seem to do it them alike. Stinking? No way! Ok, maybe reek of smok, but not more.

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