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What does this mean?

I got this book to read from my wife. What is she trying to
tell me?


Life updated

This will be my first entry via my Iphone. 2 days have passed and I am still trying to get used to the world around me and my Iphone. Now, I can be online 24/7 for real. Posts will probably become shorter, since the keyboard is small, however the frequency might most probably increase.

The little torturer

Waking up middle of the night is nothing strange for us since our little one has been around us. However since few month he enforces his will on us without patience. It happened often that I woke up due to strong kicks by him or by slaps in the face. Upon opening my eyes I just saw his little finger coming towards my eye. Then another bash with his bottle and the words “Mich mich”, which he uses to say “Milch” (milk). From that point on I have approximately 10 seconds to stand up, wash his bottle, fill it up, heat it up and give it to him. Usually it takes 1-2 minutes, which he accompanies with crying, sometimes so hard that he stops breathings and becomes blue.

The same procedure repeats itself 2-3 times each night. Thats the normal, i.e. good, part. Towards the morning, around 4-6 am, I sometimes open my eyes with my or my wifes’ socks pressed onto my face. A even more disgusting procedure is, when he sits with his full diapers on my faces. These once are usually filled up until their maximum load, due to our lazyness to change them during the night. Its a blessing that he sleeps some hours, so why bothering and changing his diapers. Well as soon as he sits on my face I regret not having changed him.

You probably can’t imagine how smelly, warm and soft his butt is, well this picture might help you imagine how it could feel like on your face:


Lying doctors & parents

To make a long story short. Parent(s) P want their (male) child C to be circumcised and went to a clinic to get some information about the procedure and how to plan it. The professional doctor D, who makes his living just with foreskins, told P, obviously I am a subset of P, that the circumcision should only be performed shortly after the birth of C or again after C weights more than 15kg so that the anesthetics do no harm to C. D repeated to P, that the 15kg limit is indeed very important and that C had to wait a half year or so. Also P was told to get some information send home one month before the circumcision in order to be prepared for the day. P agreed and went home. So far nothing strange.

One month later, C still around its 10-11 kg, D called and told P that there is a gap in their time schedule and that C could be treated next week. No information was or will be send home, 4-5 out of 15kg is suddenly a small difference, well its just 30%. Thats what doctors have as their error-bars, while engineers aim for few percentages. P said no and referred to the 15kg limit, which D did not want to except for a no, so P waited one day and told D that C got sick. 2 weeks later, again a call, D with the same story, and P answered in the same way, but D insisted this time that the 15kg were not really important and that an info-letter will be sent to that it arrives few days before the treatment. P was hence again forced to tell D that C was sick. The same story repeated itself just last week, C is still 11-12 kg, and is recalling how careful and repeatetly he asked for the treatment before the 15 kg, when P had time. But now neither the 15kg have arrived, nor does/do P has/have time. P is currently rethinking the clinic, because if D lies about the 15 limit, then why should I trust his word at all, maybe he isn’t a doctor, but just a butcher, because then 2-4 kg more or less shouldn’t matter?

White November

Its snowing! Finally, after many month I found time to sit down and look out of the windows while trying to get some order on my computer. Many month have passed and I didn’t really have time to get order in my emails, my data and my work. Now, where my mother in law has come (she came because I was supposed to be in Chicaco and at the APS meeting in Texas, but that the former was postponed). Its always good to have parents-in-law, despite their annoying nature, i.e. their habit to know everything better, and protect their daughter from an unstable workaholic. Anyway, now she is here, my wife is at her university and I am working from home facing towards the windows, while my son is outside with his “Oma”. Having snow makes everything much more bearable here in Sweden. It is getting dark quite early and even if it not yet dark, it seems always much later then it is, but thanks to the snow it appears to be less dark then we anticipated it to be.

There will be a bunch of posts, I suppose within short, also due to the presence of my mother-in-law, because now it doesn’t feel as bad anymore to push my son away when he wants a hug while I try to figure something out in Matlab or LaTex (my two other little babies).

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