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From Cappadocia to Istanbul

After 3 days in Cappadocia we are heading now towards Istanbul. From there we will continue tomorrow morning through Greece, the former Jugoslavian states, Hungary, Austria to Germany. I hope to make it before my flight to Stockholm this Sunday. Picture will follow very soon.

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Sages of Uchisar
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Maybe one day, like in Total Recall, we might stay at home and travel through time and space, at least in a dream like state. Ahead of my time, I travelled to Uchisar (in Nevsehir, Turkey) and visited some people I remember from my childhood. Its fascinating from which place on Earth we can find pictures without much effort. The attached picture, found on flickr, shows the village in which my father was born and where he spend most of his youth. I am not sure but I might even have kissed few hands of the presented menfolk. It is a Turkish tradition to kiss the hands of ones parents and older people especially during the two major Islamic holidays, but also just to say hello and goodbye. Another, probably false story is, that the makers of The Matrix, were inspired from the look of the leftmost person (the special coat and the aerodynamic sunglasses).

It is a quite small village with more tourists than inhabitants and I still don’t know how I managed to stay there for weeks without getting bored. I really miss those days and places. As the picture anticipates, time seems to stand still. Here, on the other hand, my vacation is close to an end and I still haven’t accomplished any of my plans. I need a time machine.

PS: This is my first entry posted through flickr, so it looks different from my previous ones.

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