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During my university years in Germany I used to live – for most of the time – very close to my institute. It wouldn’t take me longer than 3-5 minutes if I would run. My department, the blue IB building in the picture below, was as far as was my wives institute, the red MA building, from our accommodation; she however needed more than 10 minutes to go there. But that is another story.


I used to have a small Nissan Micra K11 and before that a Suzuki Bandit 600 (both of them are of course sold to enable my emigration to Sweden :)), and despite my spare time during my studies I wanted to drive them as much as possible, especially the motorcycle. Therefore I drove to my department instead of going or running there, even though it took me much more time. The footway from our apartment to my institute is signed into the figure below in green, whereas the route by car or motorcycle in dark red. There is also a loop around the right sided buildings, because there was almost never a parking place free for me, so that I had to drive around several time until I had my spot in front of my institute. There were of course several other parking places, marked by the letter P, but I wanted the car at the entrance of my building (otherwise I could have come on foot), so I spend 2-5 times more time than by just going there.

Now, years later, I feel guilty of betraying the purpose of my studies. Isn’t the study of mechanical engineering, and especially the energy related studies, all about efficiency and how to maximise it? It reminds me so much on the breakfast machine Peter bought and which didn’t serve its purpose. My life in a nut shell: Family Guy.

July 2020