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Good old times

Living in Forli has opened new opportunities for me. Being married for – mmh – almost a decade hasn’t given us much time to have deep conversations. First we both were in different schools, some 500 km separated from each other, which enriched the German Telecom and the Deutsche Post. Yeah, those days where strange days. Romeo and Juliet could have learned to write letters (those written with ink on paper!) from us. We didn’t have mobile phones nor email accounts (and we survived!). Then we were at the same university for some 2 years and than at two different ones, some 500 km separated from each other. During this time at least I had a mobile phone and email and mail where interchangeable. In total 12 month again at different universities separated approximately 2000 km from each other and now, thanks to Sweden, we are sharing not only the same city, but also the same apartment. However being a student means to have almost no time for other things than studies and now where our son has arrived every second is used to study, clean or sleep. Above all we are living in a world with Internet and being connected to it via the umbilical cord (Nabelschnur) has additionally merged my working place and living place to one single place. Anyhow, my point being, there is almost always a reason to do something else than just relax and speak about (not food), but things like childhood memories, dreams and things one wants to accomplish. Of course, such discussions have always been existed, however not as deep as here in Italy or those times where the university hadn’t blocked my brain. Mainly due to the fact that we don’t have continuous Internet connection, a phone and a TV which we understand. And above all we are in a city, where almost no one seems to live in the summer (that is at least what people are telling us here), which gives us lots of moments to talk for hours.

It feels strange and exciting in the same time. It is like finding an old candy bar between the sofa cushions: It is yours, it was with you for a long time, but somehow you have forgotten it was there and found it again. You can imagine the smile on my face. So sometimes it can be advantageous to have no access to modern life (no offence against Italy and Italians; Italians have good food and you won the cup! :)) it reminds you on what is important and what is (Zeitvertreib? not amusement) a time killer.

PS: Ennio Morricone, known to me from his film music for Le professionnel with Jean-Paul Belmondo, has recently come to my attention again. The movie is one of my favorite ones, beside Fight Club. If you find it, watch it! You can listen to it here:


Reading baby

Had to share this funny video with you, which I found here.

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