Quite some time has passed since my last entry, hence I am not sure anymore whether I linked to this fascinating page before.



Testing the loopc app

testing http://loopc.am/

Still can’t believe it

I still can’t believe it. I just ate an apple; not the tiny peeled ones one gets at McDonalds, but the ones which can be found in the fruit corner of grocery stores (a place I try to avoid due to the accumulation of parents with kids). The reason was that I finished my daily icecream ratio, had some chocolate and some sweets. Then I tried the chips, but somehow they didn’t taste good, so I was forced to look for something else, and somehow my hand touched this thing with which we feed the kids with usually. Since I haven’t done anything crazy lately I thought “What the heck?!” and just ate it. I felt so proud of myself that I just had to note it here.


Kinetic Typhography

If I ever should have spare time this is something I want to learn: Kinetic typograhy (tutorial). For those who are new to this like I am here are two out of many examples one can find in Youtube:

Looking in the mirrow

I asked my son what he likes the most and what he doesn’t like at all. It was like looking into the mirror. He said: I like playing with the iPhone and eating sweets and I don’t like vegetables and having a crying baby.

long-term plans and short-term patience

A tough time has started. Kindergarden has closed for some
days now and each day at home with 2 kids is like …. (guess
what?!). This explains my increased need to cool down with
something I had a hard time explaining my wife. My argument that it
will last for many weeks and isn’t really so expensive has proven
to be weak, especially after I told her that I had to eat some
during the last night in order to make space for food to be bought
in due time.

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