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White November

Its snowing! Finally, after many month I found time to sit down and look out of the windows while trying to get some order on my computer. Many month have passed and I didn’t really have time to get order in my emails, my data and my work. Now, where my mother in law has come (she came because I was supposed to be in Chicaco and at the APS meeting in Texas, but that the former was postponed). Its always good to have parents-in-law, despite their annoying nature, i.e. their habit to know everything better, and protect their daughter from an unstable workaholic. Anyway, now she is here, my wife is at her university and I am working from home facing towards the windows, while my son is outside with his “Oma”. Having snow makes everything much more bearable here in Sweden. It is getting dark quite early and even if it not yet dark, it seems always much later then it is, but thanks to the snow it appears to be less dark then we anticipated it to be.

There will be a bunch of posts, I suppose within short, also due to the presence of my mother-in-law, because now it doesn’t feel as bad anymore to push my son away when he wants a hug while I try to figure something out in Matlab or LaTex (my two other little babies).

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