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Stuff kids put in their ear or nose

Just spent yesterday 1.5 hours at Karolinska for a EEG of the older one, and today I spend again several hours there to get one off the pearls in the can out of his ear. They apparently collect these pearls to show parents that their kids are just normal (they cleaned the ones before they put it in, just for the case you were wondering ;))

kids: against and for

Kids talk, Part I

Some excerpts from my 3.5 year old son (no guarantee for my Swedish, corrections are welcome ;):

Pointing at a lady in the bus near to us: “Pappa! Han luktar bajs! (Daddy, he smells shit!)”

Few days after his mummy comes home with a new sibling: “När går han tillbaka i mammas mage?” (When does he go back into mummies stomach?)

“Jag vill inte har skelett, det gör ont, tar bort den Pappa.” (I don’t want a skeleton, it hurts, take it away, daddy”

“Om jag får ingen godis, so slänga jag din iPhone” (If I don’t get sweets, I will throw away your iPhone)”

The McDonalds letter

McDonalds sells shit, except McFlurry, but has the best strategy to get young costumers. I always wonder how my 3-year old one is able to see a McDonalds sign from hundrets of meters and start telling me “Pappa, look! McDonalds” His voice increases with decreasing distance to it, like a Geiger counter. The problem now is that he gets reminded of McDonalds whenever he sees the letter “M”. So for instance when the keyboard on my iPhone pops up or he opens my laptop. “Titta Pappa McDonalds”. I can still hear my own words many years ago. My kids will never go to McDonalds. Now, I don’t find away to go downtown without coming home with a HappyMeal bag and a stupid toy in it. I hate you McDonalds, except your McFlurry.

Dialogues, Part I

Son (S) vs. me (M):

-S. “Vad gör du, pappa?”, “Vad äter du, pappa?”, “Äter du Godis, pappa?”, “Vad är det, pappa”, and another bunch of sentences starting with “Vad …, pappa?”

-M: “Vad gör du?” Having asked the question at most twice, he says: “Sluta! Pappa”.

So why can he annoy me and I can’t?

Need for a spare tyre

For some time now I am holding the speed record in our neighbourhood. But recently some kids started to claim that there were indeed faster than me. To settle these rumours I challenged 3 kids, around 3-6 years old. Of course I had no mercy with them and defended my record (mainly by exploiding my knowledge about vehicle aerodynamics :)). Unfortunately in one of my last laps the tyre split got a crack. As soon as some others will challenge me I need some knew tyres. Also some parents seem not to like the ideas that 6 year old siblings take the cars or motorbikes of their 3 year old siblings, but I did not plan to be an example for these kids, I just couldn’t except the rumours in the neighborhood.Photo0110

July 2020