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Pig diapers


I am just wondering about your COOP diapers, whether or not I understood correctly how to use them. So far I have used Pampers, Libers, Lidl and Hemköp diapers and there was nothing special with them when “mounting” them on my baby. Some of them have an indicator when to be changed, others just let the smell “transmit” so one knows when to change them. Now, I bought a bag up your diapers and ALL of the “mounted” diapers have the following features:
– they are leaky, ie. when changing the diapers the baby has to be changed completely and sometimes even put under the shower. Contra: more laundry –> global warming, Pro: more time spend with the baby
– the fastener does everything else than fastening: Contra: A liquid/solid mixture of smelly stuff is not only within the diaper, but also from neck to foot, and if lucky on the carpet. Pro: One does not have to “unmount” the diapers anymore.

But then I saw the laughing pig images on the diaper and wondered whether or not I just bought the wrong diapers? Are these maybe pig diapers, which are not for human babies? Where do I find your diapers for human babies? Or are there some special bags, which one has to put around the diaper including baby, so that the leakage can be caught and the baby pulled out of the shitty bag? But if so, why a diaper at all and do you have special bags for this purpose? You see, I am totally confused after being spoiled with usual diapers, and now need special advise in this matter.

I am looking forward to hear from you, because as it seems I am not the only stupid parent, which bought pig diapers for his child and then started complaining about COOP diapers. If you search on the Internet you will find that many parents have done the same mistake.

Best regards,

Stupid dad who used pig diapers for his son



This is a kind of update to Hape Kerkelings performance in several languages. A lovesong in some languages:

So familiar

Taken from xkcd – A webcomic of romance, sarcasm, math, and language.

Fourier analysis for dummies

(Click on the image to be forwarded to the page.) Thanks for Alex for bringing this to my attention.

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