Milchschnitte and Suzuki

Little son’s grandma and uncle has arrived from Germany and to my disappointment they brought more clothes for him than sweets for me. Nevertheless I – as a very gentle person – have forgiven them, due to the fact that they – at least – brought me the items I especially ordered from them: Milchschnitte and Kinderschokolade. The latter can be found in Sweden, but the former hasn’t crossed my eyes yet. There will be less fruits this week I suppose, but on the other hand there will be some Turkish food, so I guess it will keep a balance.

Spring has arrived, the temperatures are increasing and somehow I start to miss my Suzuki Bandit. To rent a car is not the same. I have to feel the air and the street close to me and especially the acceleration, which is incomparable with cars. To drive a car with open windows at speeds little bit above the speed limits in Sweden is not the same. Eastern might be an opportunity to find a motorcycle to rent and to go back in time, where I had more hair and was known as Mr. Speed 🙂


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